Our story

You could say this project had three parts to its origin story:
  • An undergraduate student-led seminar taught/ran by Lia Yeh at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Spring 2020, Full-Stack Quantum Computation.
  • A grant to build a community-driven open-source quantum education website from the Unitary Fund, a non-profit working to create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people.
  • A quantum education channel and online meet-up at the 2020 Qiskit Global Summer School Discord server.

Our team

Lia Yeh has recently graduated BS Computing and BS Physics from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she researched microwave spectroscopy algorithms. She researched quantum compilers in the Quantum Undergraduate Research at IBM and Princeton program last summer and is about to start her Computer Science DPhil study in the Quantum Group at the University of Oxford. She is very passionate about STEM education and outreach, and co-founded WomxnHacks, an annual weekend-long hackathon for ~200 female-identifying and non-gender-binary college students of all levels of programming experience especially none.
Alberto Maldonado Romo is currently studying a master's degree in computer science at the Center for Computing Research, IPN, Mexico where he has collaborated with the Fermilab and CERN research centers on the GeantV project and supported the Latin American Workshop on Software and Computing (S&C) Challenges in High-Energy Particle Physics (HEP) and doing a thesis on quantum computing.
Hello, my name is Ricky Kienhoefer. I'm a rising senior at the University of Nevada, Reno studying Physics and Engineering Physics. I am currently researching molecular vibrations with quantum ESPRESSO, building an scanning tunneling microscope with my research group, and designing a machine to sharpen the silver tips for it. I am very excited about the possibilities of quantum computing for solid-state physics, and passionate about providing resources for others.
Hi all, I'm Kevin Joven, an undergraduate student in my last semester of Electronic Engineering at the Universidad del Valle in Colombia. I'm currently doing my thesis in Quantum Computing on FPGAs, and I'm thinking about doing a PhD at a university where I can do more research. :grin:
Hi everyone, my name is Cameron Foster and I am a recent Computer Science BS graduate from University of California, San Diego. During my time at UCSD, I was involved in research connecting machine learning and ophthalmic surgery. While my quantum background is limited, I'm excited to help contribute.
Hey everyone, I'm Sanskruti Wathare. I'm a sophomore undergrad student at Mumbai University. I'm majoring in Computer Engineering, currently exploring ML. I don't have much experience in quantum computing but am eager to help put together a place for everyone to learn QC at.
Jayanti Singh is an undergraduate student at Raksha Shakti University, Gandhinagar pursuing Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security.With a curiosity to learn more about quantum computing applications she has under taken research in Quantum Computing enhanced Machine Learning for her final year project.Being interest in this field of study has lead her to this platform, to help curate a friendly journey for a novice mind in Quantum Computing.
Praveen J is a senior undergraduate at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore pursuing a physics major. With interests varying from Quantum computing to quantum networks and cryptography, Praveen has explored and is exploring various aspects of Quantum computing and currently working in the field of entanglement assisted QECCs. In his free time he reads thrillers and writes poems. Praveen has organised various national level events at IISc, designed his college magazine and is extremely passionate about teaching science.
Bavithra Govintharajah is a Masters student in Physics specializing in Quantum Technology and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. She obtained her Bachelors in Physics at the University of Leipzig and University of Bonn, Germany with research in Experimental Particle Physics. Currently she is working on Variational Algorithms on NISQs for Quantum Chemistry applications in Battery Research at the German Aerospace Center. Other than physics she likes portrait and landscape photography, cooking and baking.
Samanvay Sharma: I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science Engineering from India and my research interests are in quantum algorithms and quantum information theory. I'm also actively working on creating and developing educational initiatives in STEM. As part of the Qiskit Advocates program, I'm involved in community building by organising quantum computing events and developing open-source code and documentation. I'm also a co-founder and organiser at IndiQ Meetups which is a student-initiative group working to promote quantum computing awareness and education in India.
Adithya Sireesh (Adi) has recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Bachelors in Computer Science and Mathematics. In his spare time, he likes to play tennis and chess. He's currently working on a startup (knovo.me) to make online education personalised and more effective for everyone.

Harshit Garg is an undergraduate studying Computer Science at BITS Pilani, India. He has had a passion for all things CompSci far as long as he can remember. Combined this with a fascination of Quantum Mechanics, he sees in Quantum Computing a unique opportunity to be working for something from the ground up, akin to the architects of computers (and the internet!) of a bygone era.

The educational materials hosted on this website are under the Educational Community License, Version 2.0; it is a modification of the Apache 2.0 license specific to the needs of the education communities using this license, and therefore abides by the Apache Code of Conduct.

We have a Discord server open to all people interested in quantum universal education (PIQUE). In other words, we are an international online group of people passionate about community-driven open-source, universal quantum education! We give you the warmest welcome at our Discord server.

Our online community events are at this Google Calendar.

This website .tech domain name is thanks to Major League Hacking's gift to their 2020 Top 50 Hackers.