This online workshop on how to apply to Master’s and PhD programs internationally was on Friday August 28, 11AM-1PM PDT / 6PM-8PM GMT on Google Meet. The students running it have successfully applied to physics, CS, and ECE; Master’s and PhD programs; in US, Germany, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan.

We highly recommend anyone watching the above YouTube video to also follow along the slides, linked at In the speaker notes below many of the slides are more detailed writeups with links mentioned in the workshop. We also recommend checking out these recordings of info sessions for a bunch of quantum Master’s degree programs at

Below is the workshop poster:

flyer for workshop on applying to graduate programs internationally by People Interested in Quantum Universal Education

The info, links, and guide mentioned in and accompanying this workshop are publicly viewable on this site linked below. For anyone who thought of questions after or are watching from YouTube, we will try our best to answer all questions in the #ask-anything channel of our Discord server with join link Best of luck to all applying!

We would greatly appreciate if anyone who attended or later watched this recording to fill out the form made by our admin Jayanti, as part of QCery, a project to survey people’s exposure and understanding of quantum computing; also as we are open to suggestions/feedback and what future events you are interested in.

The research proposal guide with examples mentioned in the workshop, by Lia, is linked at

We’ve compiled below a Q & A of related questions answered in the workshop text chat and on Discord!

Is the PhD stipent enough to have a reasonable qualify of life?

How can an engineer get into grad school for quantum computing?  What are the steps?

If GREs are optional for the program I am applying for and in practice tests I am right at the recommended percentile to be competitive, would you recommend just leaving them out?

How important are published papers for your Master's or PhD application?

Being a junior year student in India, are labs willing to give internships to junior year students?

Is it common to get tuition covered by the school or do most people pay out of pocket for grad school?

How are funding stipends for Master's program done in Japan?

Are there any issues with the language barrier as far as applications to Japan?

What are the prospects, such as applying for summer school and internships, in undergrad?