This introduction to quantum computing workshop video was made for Clemson University’s freshman hackathon! They uploaded the video to their YouTube here.

It teaches the topics of:

  • what is quantum computing
  • what is a qubit (extending the Schrödinger’s cat analogy for quantum measurement)
  • quantum gates (X, H, CX)
  • quantum superposition
  • quantum entanglement
  • the Deutsch-Jozsa quantum algorithm (applied to a toy scenario of cat resurrection), run on the IBM Quantum Experience
  • via a jupyter notebook: Qiskit installation, code example with each step explained, and how to run on real quantum devices.

It also discusses the present and future of the field of quantum computing, the many fields to which quantum computation can be applied to, and guidance for learning more about quantum computing.

You can also download the jupyter notebook here and upload it to IBM Quantum Experience by signing in and going to and clicking the gray import button.

You can view and download a PDF of the slides here. The slides template is used with permission of IBM through the Qiskit Advocates program; other than the template, the PIQUE logo on slide 2, any cited images, and the Qiskit globe on slide 13, all images on the slides are open-source under the Educational Community License version 2.0 (ECL-2.0).