This event is to celebrate our first anniversary in sharing the knowledge of quantum computing for our community. Time to celebrate and listen to everyone's quantum computing progress!

Registration is now open! Free to attend

If you missed registration, you can join via our Discord server #pique-announcements channel

It is with great enthusiasm that we share with you the talks that have been accepted for the event on 24 and 25 July 2021.

Videos of the talks on 24 July

Videos of the talks on 25 July

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When are the talks and meetups?

The talks will be live on Zoom, on July 24th, and if need be the 25th. The scheduling will begin after the talks are accepted. Taking into account the speakers' availability, we will do our best to have most talks be when most people can attend, which is morning in western time zones and night in eastern time zones. If the speaker has given permission, their talk will be publicly viewable afterwards on the FSQC Youtube channel. The meetups will be spread out throughout July 24th and 25th. The regional area and language meetups will be at most suitable times, while other topics and demographic meetups will be when most people can attend.

How do I join the meetups?

To make it interactive and fun, most of the meetups will be on AltspaceVR, which is Microsoft's free/quick/easy to install computer virtual reality meetup. As it is not supported for all platforms, we will also hold several meetups on Discord. Although RSVP is not needed to join, we highly encourage you to RSVP as we will first email the event join links to those who RSVP'd for those meetup sessions, and then based on capacity open up meetup rooms through our Discord server []. RSVP'ing will enable you to sign up for the meetups you would like to join, which we then schedule based on your time zone and availability. RSVP'ing will even allow you to suggest topics for a meetup room you'd like to see --- for each topic, so you can stay in contact after the meetup, we will make and moderate a text channel for that topic in the Discord server.

Are we going to hand out speaker certificates?

Yes, only for accepted abstracts